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Animal Remedies

Flower Remedies For Animals

Flower Essences and Remedies are used on Animals with wonderful results. Since Animals do not have to deal with a major ‘ego’ problem, they make the changes within their entire being very quickly!


AGGRESSION – Works to clear and balance protectiveness and territorial behavior. The essences balance sexuality, the male and female sides while locking in harmony for the animal and others.

BAD BEHAVIOR – For animals with unsocialable characteristics towards humans and other animals. This combination of essences helps to balance sexuality, releases close mindedness, and opens the mind to spiritual guidance.

CHEWING – Includes behavior involving destructive and vengeful actions. This mixture assists in releasing pain and past actions while instilling gentleness, happiness, grounding and comfort with the animal’s surroundings.

CONFIDENCE – Helps release fears, feelings of no joy and anger. The essences instill a feeling of joy, love of self and others and harmony with God.

EMERGENCY MIX – For any shock or trauma to any living thing. Squirt a few drops any where on the animal after a close call of any nature, sickness or injury. Use as often as needed and watch the wonderful healing results.

HOUSE BREAKING – Gives a boost to awareness and consciousness by softening and opening the heart and promoting thoughts towards others.

NEW HOME – Assists the animal to see the balance and harmony of its surrounding while feeling in harmony with self and God.

OBEDIENCE – Balances explosive feelings and bull headedness by instilling hope and peaceful harmony with the animal’s surroundings.

TEAMWORK – Helps the animal feel comfortable within and understand the world it lives in to develop feelings of harmony with its actions and environment.

 – This mixture has to do with the energy involved in teething and not the actual growth of teeth. The essences help clear explosiveness and anger and instill feelings of comfort and unity with the animal’s environment.

TRAINING – Assist in the development of gentleness, forgiveness, and strength of will while bringing about a feeling of calm.

TRIP TO THE VET – Balances and harmonizes the physical, mental and emotional bodies of the animal. Instills feelings of calmness, knowingness and comfort.